Advantages And Disadvantages

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Anonymous payments on the Internet:
types, advantages and disadvantages.

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In today’s world, the importance of privacy is increasing. This applies to all spheres of life, including payments. It is often important to us that information about our payments cannot be tracked. The reasons can be very different – to protect yourself from scammers, to maintain confidentiality in a delicate situation, and even to make an anonymous gift. The growing demand for anonymity of payments gives rise to an increasing number of tools that meet the high demand of society for privacy.

In General, payment anonymization tools can be divided into 2 groups:
• 1. Cryptocurrencies
• 2. Prepaid virtual credit cards

Further on we are going to look closer at the features of these tools and compare them with prepaid virtual cards we offer. If you do not want to go into details and read the descriptions, you can move directly to the comparative table and conclusions at the end of the article.
It should be noted that the anonymity of the method we are going to evaluate is based on the assumption that you have taken steps in advance to protect the privacy of your online presence: anonymous surfing (VPN, Tor, etc.), anonymous email, disabled cookies and browser history (incognito mode).

1. Cryptocurrencies

Nowadays, cryptocurrencies is one of the most well-known methods of anonymous payments. Most cryptocurrencies are pseudonymous (as opposed to anonymous). The nature of the block chain, bitcoin (most popular cryptocurrency) and most others implies complete transparency of transactions. Thus, your anonymity can be ensured only if you can hide the connection of your crypto-wallet with your identity, i.e. do not leave on the Internet information on which you can be associated with a crypto-currency address. This is quite achievable – there are many articles on-line how it could be done. It is even better to use relatively new cryptocurrencies (Dash, Zcash, Monero), the creators of which have focused on their anonymity and ensured the security of transactions. Their use completely removes the problem of anonymity. But they are less common, so you will not get as many services for them as, for example, for Bitcoin.
The weak point of cryptocurrencies is serious restrictions on the use as a payment – most online services and online stores do not accept cryptocurrencies. If your needs for anonymous payments are wider than the narrow niche of services that accept cryptocurrencies, you will have to turn to other methods of anonymizing your payments. At the same time, it is worth noting that the absolute advantage of cryptocurrencies is complete independence from your geographical location – you can buy cryptocurrency and make payments from anywhere in the world.
It is also necessary to keep in mind the high variability of exchange rate (volatility of value) of all cryptocurrencies. This means that the cost of your cryptocurrency can change quickly and significantly.

2. Prepaid virtual cards

Our prepaid virtual cards provide the best combination of security (complete anonymity), range of applicability and online availability.
Firstly, you can purchase virtual cards using anonymous payment methods (cryptocurrencies). In this case, verification is not required, no ID is required, your real data cannot be tracked, which ensures absolute anonymity of the purchase.
Secondly, cards could be registered on a fictitious name, and thus make payments and verify accounts on behalf of a pseudonym.
Thirdly, virtual prepaid cards have the widest application possibilities for instant online payments. They can be used to pay for and verify accounts (PayPal verification, for instance) around the world, wherever Visa or Mastercard prepaid cards are accepted.
And fourthly, you can purchase Visa or Mastercard prepaid one time use cards from anywhere in the world – cards are available to everyone. At the same time, there is a fairly large range of cards with a prepaid amount from $5 to $1000.
Perhaps the only drawback of our prepaid virtual card is the inability of replenishment.